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A Golden Age Revived

Handpainted, always.


I make posters, portraits, patterns, typefaces, labels, and logos. 

My work is inspired by the European and North American commercial art of the 1920's to 1950's. Going beyond nostalgia and pastiche, I work with the same spirit and sensibilities as the graphic masters of that golden age.


I paint by hand, using a technique which I developed to echo the beauty of lithographic print, the medium by which most art and design was viewed by the public in those years.

My commissions often take me to the bespoke tailoring and shoemaking world of Mayfair, and of the legendary Savile Row; places full of very gifted and dedicated craftspeople. I thank them for their guidance, and for allowing me to see so much of their amazing work and process, close-up.

I live in London, with my wife and son.

For commissions and questions, write to me at


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